Why you should use a script for your podcast

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Why You Should Use A Script For Your Podcast

Charles Lipper discusses the benefits of podcasting from a script. Volubility Podcasting offers development consulting as part of our podcast production services.

Greetings! And welcome to Open to Influence. I’m your host, Charles Lipper, founder and CEO of Volubility Podcasting LLC. Today we’re going to be talking about scripted podcasts.  


Over the past few years, I have had a number of new clients come to me, wanting their own podcast. And when it comes to recording, I have found that people like to enter the recording booth with some bullet points scribbled on a note card like they’re delivering a speech to a live audience. In theory, this would allow them to sound more conversational.  


In reality, what I’ve found is people have a tendency to make a whole bunch of mistakes along the way, and occasionally forget where they are entirely. Thus, resulting in unnatural speech and unnecessary edit time.  


Why is this? First of all, this tactic of speaking from bullet points is only useful when you need to make eye contact with an audience, not when you’re staring down the barrel of a microphone. So, when you look up from your notes and don’t have anything to fix your eyes on, I can see how it would be easy to lose your train of thought.  


My solution to this is to have clients write down verbatim exactly what they intend to say. If their eyes never leave the page, then there’s no reason to get lost!  And as a bonus, this script could also be repurposed for your next blog entry.  


Now, many people will sound stiff reading from a script the first time they try it. This is totally understandable. Practice makes perfect. You should definitely rehearse your script a few times before you record, preferably in front of another human being. Someone that you trust. Then, when you go to record your podcast, imagine that you’re speaking to this friend of yours, which will in turn improve your delivery. And hey, if you want to take it to the next level, you can certainly work with one of our Volubility Podcasting voice coaches! They’re here to help you sound as natural as possible.  


Does it work? Sure! I just read this from a script. Could you tell? And there were exactly 28 edits in this recording as well. Could you notice that? No? Well, that’s what we do here at Volubility Podcasting. Deliver seamless expertise.  

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