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Welcome to Volubility Podcasting.

Volubility Podcasting is a podcast production company providing podcast production services including recording and editing. Our expert audio engineers have years of experience perfecting the art of pristine audio and well-crafted engaging audio productions. We record clients at our podcast recording studio in Washington DC, or at a partner recording studio near them.

Our audio professionals provide a turnkey podcast solution—from recording and editing to online hosting and more. Everything you need to start podcasting expertly.

We help you find solutions to these common problems:

  • Does your company, firm, non-profit, or foundation have a message you want to communicate?

  • Have you tried to record a podcast yourself only to find it difficult to produce quality audio?

  • Have you overtaxed your employees with not just hours' but days’ worth of stressful audio editing?

  • Have you found it difficult to determine which online service would be best for your hosting needs—not just today but in the future when your subscriber base will be in the thousands?

If you answered 'YES' to any of these questions, schedule a free consultation.

We help our clients by:

  • Providing the right podcast production equipment to record your podcasts. No need to figure out which microphone, hardware, or audio editing software to use, those are our areas of expertise. We record clients at our audio recording studio in Washington DC or at a partner studio close to them.

  • Making your podcasts sound professional with advanced recording and editing techniques.

  • Eliminating the extra time and work involved in planning and producing a podcast.

  • Allowing you to focus on the content and your expertise instead of the technical issues.

  • Making sure your podcast is hosted with a service that can scale with you.

Podcasts - the hottest trend in digital marketing

Podcasting allows you to deliver your message to a targeted clientele, donor list or subscriber base in the most convenient way for them to consume it—listening on their devices, during their commute, while they’re at work, on-demand.

But it has to be done right.

There are over 700,000 podcasts out there. If you want to cut through the clutter...

  • Instead of producing a podcast yourself (which ends up sounding like DIY), let us do it for you. We can create high quality audio production in 10% of the time it takes most novices to create poor quality audio.

  • Allow us to consult on hosting platforms that transmit your podcast to multiple delivery outlets (such as iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher) with the most robust analytics available.


We guide your podcast process every step of the way to achieve the easiest possible experience.

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Our Servives



Highest quality recordings with professional microphones and equipment, plus advanced internet/phone connectivity for interviews.



Fast, seamless editing by our seasoned audio professionals to guarantee optimum podcast flow for your listeners and relief for you and your staff.



Professional voice coaches make you feel comfortable even before you enter the recording booth for the first time.

Industries Served



Your clients are looking to reach new audiences, and the fastest growing way to expand brand awareness is with a podcast. A well-produced, engaging, and entertaining podcast can spread by word-of-mouth alone and reach critical demographics. We’re excited to work with marketing agencies big and small to produce the highest quality messaging with the best talent available.



Law Firms, Medical and Dental Practices, Real Estate Agencies, Financial Planners and Accountants to name a few. You want to grow your client-base and be known as the cutting-edge leader in your field. The number of podcasts out there is growing every day, but not every professional practice has a podcast … yet. Stay ahead of the curve and distribute your advantage over the competition with a well-produced podcast, the most easily consumed media delivery today.



Non-profits work tirelessly to expand their donor base. Podcasts target your most coveted demographic out there: highly educated young professionals with disposable income. An entertaining podcast can cast a wide net, and people out there are hungry to learn all about the latest research, lobbying efforts, and good will you’re working so hard to achieve. And when budgets are tight, large philanthropic foundations are required to distribute funds that could easily pay for your entire podcast production. Our professional podcast services will spread the word about your non-profit with quality that will make your sponsors proud to put their names on.

Volubility Podcasting FAQ

What sets Volubility Podcasting apart from other podcast companies?

Our podcast company believes in production value, which can make or break a podcast. This has many dimensions. It involves:

  1. Direction. Our audio professionals have been working with voiceover talent for years. Their job is to take your mind off the technical side so you can focus on your delivery. Plus, they’ll catch any mistakes you make along the way and instantly help you correct them.

  2. Music. We have years of experience selecting just the right music to enhance your podcast.

  3. Voiceover. If you’d like to have a professional voiceover talent record your show open and close—or even deliver the entire podcast for you—we have a terrific roster of people to choose from.

  4. Coaching. If you feel like you sound too stiff in your recordings, we partner with several voice coaches who can help you feel more comfortable in front of the mic and sound more natural.

  5. Development. Our podcast enthusiasts are here to work with you and/or your marketing director to develop an impactful and entertaining podcast.

I’m a working professional. How can a podcast production company help me?

As a working professional, you have personal insights into your profession that are worth sharing. And the more experience you have, the more insights you have to share.

Once you’re ready to move forward in your career—and assume more senior and managerial roles—podcasting can position you as an expert, help you maintain your professional relevance and build a base of followers. (Remember, as much as you love your job, it may not last forever so you need to maintain your visibility.)

There’s also your legacy to think about. When you’re ready to retire, what will you do with all the knowledge you have to share (and how will you fill your spare time)? If you decide to write a book to preserve your legacy and share your insights, planning your podcast allows you to compartmentalize your expertise by creating episodes. By reciting your material aloud, your brain forces that information into concise thoughts. And by publishing these recordings for your fan base, you receive instant feedback on your ideas and their presentation.

That way, when you’re actually ready to write that book, you’ll have plenty of material to draw from.

Can’t I just produce my own podcast?

Sure, but do you really want to?

In order to produce your own podcast, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Research what kind of technology is required—and what brands you want to buy.

  2. Budget for and purchase that technology.

  3. Acoustically treat a space.

  4. Learn how to record.

  5. Learn how to edit.

  6. Do the editing (which can be more than frustrating for beginners).

  7. Research what hosting options are available.

  8. Purchase a subscription plan.

  9. Distribute your podcast on the internet without any errors.

That’s a whole lot.

We’ve found that most working professionals either don’t have time to go through all these steps or simply don’t want to. It’s an absurd amount of work to do before you even get to the fun part, speaking into a microphone! This is especially true for the editing, which can take forever if you don’t know what you’re doing. We often hear it can take beginners several days to edit one episode of a podcast, and even then it doesn’t sound right if they make bad edits.

Hiring us is a much better alternative. Our production staff have years of professional experience in recording voiceover and editing audio—and delivering pristine quality files. In a couple of hours, they can do what it would take you days to do yourself.

I’m a small business owner. How can a podcast company help my business?

For marketing. These days it’s getting harder and harder to find quality local professional service providers. When you produce an interesting podcast, people are far more likely to find you online and refer you to their friends with ease. Consider your podcast a business card on steroids.

What Our Clients Say

  • "I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Charles on our internal podcast. He returns a great product in a timely manner, and he goes above and beyond by patiently answering my questions and providing advice to help me build the best audio for my audience. I have learned a lot by working with him."
    — Stacy Hayward Raine, Marketing & Communications Manager for Gift Planning, The Nature Conservancy

  • "Charles Lipper and the Volubility Podcasting studio came recommended to me when our podcast, Words Matter, was looking for recording space in the Washington DC area. Charles and his team are consummate professionals and the quality of their sound recording and editing skills exceeded our expectations. The studio is conveniently located in Georgetown, the staff is friendly, helpful and professional and we continue to use them whenever we are in DC. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a place to record!"
    — Linsay Valdeon, Chief Administrative Officer, Words Matter Media

  • "Charles Lipper of Volubility Podcasting came to me highly recommended and I see why. None of [my voice talent] were accustomed to studio recording and were quite nervous. Not only was Charles extremely warm and professional, he coached each of them into delivering … with passion and conviction, just as they had written [their scripts]. We had a wonderful experience. He's meticulously detailed in sound editing and does a fantastic job of communicating. I paid it forward and recommended him to a colleague and will continue to send folks his way! Happy client!”
  • — Annika Young, Auhnreel Productions

  • Charles Lipper is one of the most talented Audio [Professionals] that I have had the pleasure to work with in my twenty plus years of editing. He handles every client in an efficient and professional manor.
    — John Prete, Owner - Prete Media

  • I find that Charles has a real love for what he does and takes great care with each and every project on which he works. He is flexible, amenable and generally wonderful to work with.
    — Traci Harris-Jenkins, Post Production Coordinator - Ventana Productions

  • I’ve never met such a dedicated, creative, multi-disciplined talent like Charles Lipper.
    — Wayne Alan Kan, Creative Director - Kan Be Creative LLC


We guarantee your satisfaction, delivering the highest quality podcasts with realistic schedules and fair, predictable billing.
— Charles Lipper, Founder & CEO

Create a podcast that your listeners will gravitate toward.