We simplify the complicated podcast production process by seamlessly combining your spoken expertise with our expert techinical abilities.

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What is Volubility?

Merriam-Webster defines volubility as, “characterized by rapid or ready speech”

… or in other words, fluently speaking on one’s own expertise.

And we believe this word truly embodies what it takes to create a professional podcast.


Our comprehensive podcast production services make podcasting a lot less overwhelming. So just sit back and relax—and leave the details to us.





As an audio engineer for television, radio and web, Charles Lipper has spent his entire adult career perfecting the art of creating pristine audio. Since 2003, he’s been performing post-production audio work in the DC area, and along the way, has evolved into a professional voiceover talent himself. Working "both sides of the glass" for the better part of two decades makes him wholly unique in the Mid-Atlantic market.

No other audio engineer in the area has a better working knowledge of what drives a voice artist to deliver a great performance. And no other voiceover talent possesses the audio expertise to produce a product of the highest quality, on time and on budget.

So if you’re looking for an expert to help you craft your podcast, there's no better choice than Charles Lipper and Volubility Podcasting.